Miley Cyrus & The Strokes on SNL Converged to Make Me Feel Really Old

Before I get any further, let me just say: Miley, If I was going to get a weave, I would go all the way too.

There’s no way that’s real, right?

My hair never dreamed of looking that luscious when it was long. Mostly, it was just tired and contrary. Then again, I never paired it with hot pants and fringe.


As I continue, let me now say: Overall, I liked the episode. From Bill Hader’s opening “Duh, Winning!” as Charlie Sheen to Cyrus appearing as Justin Bieber  on Vanessa Bayer’s “The Miley Cyrus Show,” to the writers providing their host with every possibly opportunity  for belting it out (by my count a minimum of three times) and Jason Sudeikis as the devil on Weekend Update.

Judgement: entertaining.

Secondary judgement: A little ballsy?

Cyrus took multiple opportunities to stick it to critics, starting right out in her musical monologue where she compared her comparatively minor infractions (salvia, the whole “stripper pole” thing) to those of other starlets (DUIs, sex tapes, etc.), in a number entitled “I’m Sorry That I’m Not Perfect.”

Subtle hints: Cyrus would like to point out that unlike hot mess former Disney star Lindsay Lohan… well, she is not Lindsay Lohan—except in the Charlie Sheen skit where she impersonates said tragedy. Not being Lindsay Lohan has become admirable.

As guest Justin Bieber on “The Miley Cyrus Show,” she exclaimed to Bayer’s ‘Miley,’ “You know, there’s no reason you wouldn’t [smoke salvia]. ‘Cause it’s totally legal, yo,” eyes boring into the camera lens.

A little soap boxy, but you know, she’s just sayin’.

And then there was the “Disney Channel Acting School” sketch, in which Cyrus thumbed her nose at the conglomerate of her youthful success. As Raven-Symoné, Kenan Thompson got to re-live his formative years on Nickelodeon (remember that?).

My favorite part was when they did the whole drawing of Mickey ears in the air with a sparkling magic wand.

Also when Raven/Kenan showed prospective students how to enter a scene by scooter.

I stand by my judgment: I was entertained. I struggled through and survived the Disney hair jealousy that girls are forced to suffer from childhood until the acceptance of an adult coif, and I died of laughter more than a few times. Solid.

Also, having Cyrus is nearly every skit, finally freed up Kristen Wiig, who is generally over-exposed despite her hilariousness, which is sad/irritating.

So you know, if you missed if—and especially if like some people you are/were into Hannah Montana—you should probably definitely catch it online. This is my verdict.

P.S. In regards to the title: The Strokes were my first college concert nearing (but not quite) ten years ago. My little sister was educated by the Disney Channel and still fosters a love of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (they’re the same, right?). Also, sometimes she channels Miley Cyrus a little bit.

A little bit.



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