Ryan Bradley at Nationals: The Best Figure Skating Thing I Forgot to Note When It Happened

UniversalSports.com/ Bob Levernone/ Associated Press

Earlier this month I wrote about the ladies at the U.S. figure skating Nationals, but never got around to reflecting on the men’s competition.

This is tragic because it means that I never got to note what is happening in this picture: Ryan Bradley doing a celebratory back-flip (and whose favorite is that not?) after a delightful competition-winning eighteenth-century, spoofy free skate.

So much joy.

He also did things like hug the little “sweeper” girls who pick flowers, stuffed animals and such up off the ice after each skater.

UniversalSports.com/ Chuck Burton/ Associated Press

I always wanted to be one of those little girls.

It was super fun.

In the video below, if you just want to jump ahead to post-skate victory shenanigans, hop ahead to 5:40, for the back-flip specifically, go to 7:07 (it is quickly followed by the adorable sweeper-girl hug).

But if you did not see the performance, you may as well watch the whole thing, because as I said, it was super fun and joyful and it ends with the gold medal.

Bradley’s comments?

What’s going on? AHHHHH!

That was one of the hardest programs I’ve ever done… you know the quads my money jump [and I messed it up]… I was excited about being out here and the crowd was amazing.

I tried to make the audience laugh.



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3 responses to “Ryan Bradley at Nationals: The Best Figure Skating Thing I Forgot to Note When It Happened

  1. That was fucking adorable.

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