The Gin Train: A Brief Rant

So everyone is all into gin these days.

I approve, really, I do. I love gin. I have loved gin for many years.

But seriously, people who became gin snobs in the past five minutes: shut up.

I loved gin in college when everyone else thought it tasted like pine needles and nineteenth-century alcoholism.

I am happy for you. I embrace your conversion. Vodka is boring.

But really, just shut up. I bet you were drinking raspberry vodka not too long ago. Most importantly, you have not made an earth-shattering discovery.

For the record, if you are not into gin, you should try it. Quietly. Refinedly.

You should sip Hendrick’s to be really snobby (quietly) and delicious with rose petals and cucumber, Tanqueray for every day refreshment, and Bombay Sapphire for something oddly spicy (which you can learn all about here, apparently having to do with too many botanicals).

Back to not ranting.

About this at least.


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