Chicago Local Elections: I Voted Early! There Were Touch-Screens!

But really, I did vote early at a Mt. Greenwood Park where I used to play volleyball in grade school. If there had not been a sign and huge arrow almost immediately inside the back door, I might have wandered into the locker rooms on auto-pilot.

I mean, they are right there.

I have to say, this voting experience (my second in-person voting extravaganza) was far superior to November’s.

In November I was reduced to a provisional ballot. It was degrading. I felt unimportant, unwanted and uncounted.

In short, it was a real civic slap-in-the-face to my teetering self-esteem.

Obviously I never actually addressed this problem, but luckily the great City of Chicago presented me with a way to avoid such unpleasantness this time around (I swear I will call someone and make sure it gets fixed before the next election): early voting.

Early voting ended yesterday at 5 p.m. (I congratulate myself on voting early at the last minute), but there was a location in each ward open Monday the 14th through Thursday the 17th, and early voters were able to vote at any location, making it easier to vote during the work day (assuming that you do not work in the ward of your residence). So that’s nice.

PLUS, at early voting I got to use a newfangled touch-screen voting machine. It was glorious. I loved it. I felt like I lived in the twenty-first century.

Aside from being glorious the machine asked you about five times if you were absolutely sure about your choices. Good thing I do not have issues with second guessing myself. I am solid as a rock. But, I guess they have to do that for the old folks where are boggled my computers (BTW, if you can use an ATM you can vote on a touch screen).

On the downside, the machines and partitions are pretty low and one can blatantly see their neighbor’s ballot print out if one wanted to.

On the upside, there was no drawing of arrows.

Plus, I met Matt O’Shea (running for alderman in the 19th ward) in the parking lot. He gave me a flier and told me to watch out for the mud.

All the snow is melting. There is a lot of mud.

Also, dude I’m walking into the polling station. My decisions have been made. Just saying.

Lastly, while I am still disappointed about the lack of actual large stickers that say “I voted,” at least this time around I got my own certificate of voting and did not have to steal one to use in this post.

So, Chicagoans… get your vote on next week! Tuesday, February 22 is the day. May it be as glorious as yesterday was for me.


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