2011 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championship: The Team Event

Teams Austria, France, Sweden on the podium/ UniversalSports.com/Kerstin Joensson/ Associated Press

Well, last year’s FIS Audi World Cup Final was sad because Universal Sports didn’t air or stream the GS team event which sounds awesomely entertaining with it’s side-by-side bracketed heat format. Yesterday morning the team event was presented for the third time at the FIS Alpine World Championships (also in Garmisch-Partenkirchenm GER), and due to cable misfortunes that involve my provider not caring about Olympic sports/carrying Universal Sports… I missed it again.

I was this close to ordering the online package, but it seemed like a waste since the World Champ event is more than half over. Watching sports in retrospect is boring.

Team USA included Bode Miller (who you may recall had an attitude reboot in Vancouver) Ted Ligety, Julia Mancuso (who won silver in the Super G Championship right between Elisabeth Goergl and Maria Riesch) and Sarah Schleper (who roars when she leaves the gate).

Rough city: Bode Miller was the only American to win his run against Italy, leaving Team USA with a 3-1 record.

The way it works is that each team has four runs (two male and two female team members participate). Each races in a head-to-head parallel heats against the country that they’re lined up with in the bracket (in this case, USA-ITA). Every win is worth one point, the total deciding advancement, clearly.

Bode Miller vs. Christian Deville of Italy/ UniversalSports.com/ Kerstin Joensson/ Associated Press

At any rate, Team USA did not move forward.

In other news France (my adopted country of enthusiasm) beat out Austria for the gold (they tied in points, but was France better in times), followed by Sweden (who beat Italy 4-0).

Team France/ UniversalSports.com/ Matthias Schrader/ Associated Press

Now, as you may know, sometimes I like to evaluate obscure winter sports by the names of the athletes involved. Alpine Skiers Elisabeth Goergl, Aksel Lund Svindal, and Didier Cuche made my Olympic list. This French team victory brings to my attention a few more amazing athlete names and might just provide insight into their edge over the Austrians (who, let’s face it, are skiing beasts): Cyprien Richard, Anemone Marmottan (named after the least pronounceable flower/ sea creature?)—those are winning names.

Just putting it out there.

According to a recap from UniversalSports.com, this is how some of the Americans feel about the event which some officials want to introduce at the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

Julia Mancuso, who competed for the U.S. team, said she found the format fun but isn’t all that eager to have it at the Olympics.

“I am kind of in the middle. It’s a lot of fun,” she said. “It’s good to be with the guys. And I mean, it’s kind of those events where anything can happen. It’s cool. We don’t do it a lot, so it’s kind of different. It’s almost like an exhibition. Of course, winning a team event is nothing compared to winning an individual event.”

Another of the Americans, Ted Ligety, saw it similarly.

“It’s a cool event,” he said. “It’s fun to watch, it’s fun to race. Our scheduling in ski racing is so tough that doing this in the middle of a championships is always hard.

“If we had it on the last day, it would make more sense,” Ligety said. “It would be interesting to see it at the Olympics but, then again, it’s all about the timing. This is far less important than an individual medal.”

I still want to watch it.


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