Word of the Week: Medusoid

The word of the week is Medusoid.

As those of you who have been stung by a jellyfish in the Spanish boonies (oh, wait, is that just me?), yes, that is another word for jellyfish. One that better implies the evil lurking in the water if you ask me.

Why are we talking jellyfish?



I’ve been reliving my youth and watching old Jacques Cousteau specials (thank you Netflix) and while I have not yet reached an episode discussing jellyfish (it’s been more a blue ring octopus type situation thus far), I feel confident that the topic will soon appear in my queue.


It’s not my fault that none of the Oscar nominee movies are available. Curse you, Netflix. When is Social Network going to ship?!



A jellyfish, or resembling a jellyfish; n., adj.

The Thinkers Thesaurus, Peter E. Meltzer



Use it well.


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