Super Bowl Stuff, XLV

This pretty much sums up my initial and lasting feelings about Super Bowl XLV. Tweeted early in the game, shortly after I had the exact same thought, Alison Brie just said it so well.

I was briefly distracted from the yellow during halftime when it appeared that the apocalypse might in fact be at hand. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking that I succumbed to during Fergie’s whatever with Slash. No words.

Although, if you are looking for some words, these were a couple of choice ones from the twittersphere, which almost broke due to the mayhem of #sb45.

Frankly, the commercials on display weren’t even all that entertaining. Dozens were in fact painful. So painful that is has taken me days (and the incidental re-viewing of one of the winners) to write this post.

Nonetheless, I stopped my DVR whilst watching House to re-watch this rare gem from the ever reliable Stella Artois. Borowitz concurs on its charm.

Then there was the Volkswagen commercial encouraging young [dark] practitioners of The Force, gaining Voldemort’s appreciation.

Chrysler on the other hand, added to the proof that commercial endorsements are a big part of Eminem’s comeback. Also, that he doesn’t mind sharing a tiny bit of his limelight with a national champion figure skater, Alissa Czisny, who appeared briefly in the ad.

Not that I’d have realized it was her if not for Twitter.

Honorable mentions to the Coke spot featuring soldiers in nineteenth-century garb, patrolling opposite sides of a border and—surprise—bonding over the deliciousness of Coke.

Second honorable mention to the entertaining NFL fans montage of classic sitcoms, including Alf, Marcia’s nose, Newman’s Cowboy get-up and Uncle Jesse.

But the commercial most appreciated in my living room, the commercial that was snarky hilarious…

Thank you Verizon.

I still love my Droid.


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