“It Shouldn’t Be Called the SAG Award, It Should Be Called the Uplifting Award!”

Anthony Andrews, Rush, Carter, Firth/ cbsnews.com

Oh Geoffrey Rush, that was so cheesy (although true story, ‘SAG Awards’ does not have a great ring to it).

As spokesman for The King’s Speech cast, Rush opened his acceptance remarks with this pun-y observation. He went on to emphasize the category of the win: outstanding ensemble cast in a motion picture, extending the credit far beyond himself, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter (who—look at that—was dressed quite conservatively for her track record). Very graciously, top to bottom, everyone from Freya Wilson who played young Queen Elizabeth to everyone’s favorite warlock, Michael Gambon were mentioned and credited.


Also, just so you are not disappointed by Carter’s normalcy in that group photo, have a gander at her red carpet pose.

What else?

When Firth went up to accept his “Actor” for leading role in The King’s Speech, it was brought to our attention that he was part of the winning ensemble cast of Shakespeare in Love. I had no idea Firth was even in that movie.

Modern Family’s best TV ensemble in a comedy series saved us from having to see Lea Michelle well up in what are surely fake tears again—so that was good. Plus Nolan Gould spent his journey up to the stage high-fiving people at tables along the way.

Nolan Gould/ imdb.com

Amy Poehler presented a description of her ideal sandwich, and then revealed that it could just as well describe the nominees for best actor in a comedy series. Then Alec Baldwin managed to stir up some surprise on his face as he got up for the fifth year in a row to accept his “Actor”for 30 Rock.

Next, Jon Hamm expressed his disappointment at having not been nominated for best female actor in a comedy series, before bitterly presenting the award to a flabbergasted Betty White for Hot in Cleveland, which I have never seen but maybe I should.

Betty White, Jon Hamm/ cbsnews.com

After about three years of instrumental vamping, White managed to get up to the stage where she joked about how long it took to “get the old broad up here” and that nobody had applauded her when she turned 40, after reflected on what a joy it was to still be in the biz and winning awards at 89 years old.

She also flirted with her naked statuette.


Natalie Portman/ blogs.timeslive.co.za

Later in the night Natalie Portman got to accept—for the second time in mere weeks—another trophy from Jeff Bridges for her performance in Black Swan. Not to be outdone by her awkward Golden Globes speech, this time Portman went for getting bleeped in a special thank you to her parents: ““I’d like to thank my parents, who taught me to work my hardest and never be an asshole.”


Maybe she is trying to get it all out of her system in public before the baby is born.

In his best actor acceptance, Colin Firth thanked security for letting him into the place, based on the fact that for years as a young British actor he would flash around his beloved Screen Actors Guild card in the vain hope that it would get him perks and ladies.

Claire Danes/ cbsnews.com

The award for only person to get cut off at the 2011 SAGs goes to Claire Danes who picked up another laurel for her work in Temple Grandin, blustering towards the end about her “favorite husband… euh… favorite actor… my husband…” Oh Claire.

Dicky Eklund, Christian Bale/ cbsnews.com

The award for most hilarious/ terrifying candid shot of the night goes to Christian Bale and Dicky Eklund (the guy Bale portrayed in The Fighter) onstage as Bale is accepting his “Actor” for best supporting.

Also, while I appreciate that Bale looks less like Jesus than he did at the Golden Globes, I am still a little disturbed by the facial hair situation.

Julianna Margolis, Carter/ cbsnews.com

Best photo for a false caption stars Julianna Margolis and Helena Bonham Carter, in which I imagine Carter is telling Margolis, “No, you just really have to go for it. Let it be free.” She is clearly talking about the shellac with which Margolis has restrained her hair and recommending the benefits of a more windswept look.

To tie things up, I was not swept away by anyone’s dress really, but I did like Mila Kunis’ red and pink floralness and Tina Fey’s sassy red situation. Let’s all pick it up a notch at the Oscars, OK?

Mila Kunis/ fashion.telegraph.co.uk

Tina Fey/ fashion.telegraph.co.uk



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