Things to Know: Whip My Hair Skating Girl, Oscar Nominations, Etc.

And we’re back with a list of thing you should know. Some are old, some are new. All are good to ponder.

  1. First up, if you have not seen the video of 9-year-old Starr Andrews figure skating a routine to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” then you need to remedy this failure immediately. I kept forgetting to post it after a friend illuminated my life with the link, but finally… let’s all take a moment to note this—or revisit it, whatever the case may be. So much joy.  First, let us note that this is yet another example of a child shaming the rest of us regarding superior accomplishments at age nine. This is particularly upsetting because the 16-year-olds at the Olympics are devastating enough. Next, reflect on those amazing skates made out of (or to look like—whatever) Chucks. Then we can all take a moment to ponder Willow Smith and the ‘Will Smith-Jada Pinkett-Smith Child Star Manufacturing Machine.’ Because it’s too funny. Her Wikipedia page has sections entitled Acting Career, Music Career, Awards and Nominations. She’s like 11 or something. Starr Andrews does not appear to have a Wikipedia page yet, but really, she should. Let’s be honest.
  2. Secondly, as the implied follow-up to my announcement that Razzie nominations were up earlier this week, you should all be aware that the Oscar nominations (known by stuffy people as the Academy Awards) are also up. Another year in which instead of having 5 must-see movies, there are 10. Dear Academy, I don’t have all the time in the world, just most of it. Anyways, I am now in the process of catching up on the Best Picture nominees that I have yet to see. I saw The Fighter last week and in-between giggling about Massachusetts accents—always hilarious—the main thing I took away from the film is that Christian Bale may have gone a little too method and may actually be on drugs. His face was so genuinely terrifying that it is hard to believe he also starred in Newsies many moons ago. Next up on my list? The Kings Speech, where Helena Bonham Carter (I would believe) plays a fairly normal character for a change.
  3. If you missed the State of the Union address, you should probably find it online somewhere. I missed the first 15 minutes or so, but you know, I think it’s important to watch. Also I love listening to Obama speak all the time. I just do. I also really enjoy watching the faces Joe Biden makes whilst listening behind the President. Also, John Boehner’s expressions throughout the whole thing were priceless. Good thing he is not a diplomat because he does not have a very good poker face. I was also distracted by the fact that John Kerry and John McCain were sitting next to each other, the whiteness of Biden’s teeth and the fake tan-ness of Boehner’s face.
  4. Lastly, I just got me some Daria episodes from Netflix and just for everyone’s general information I have to say that Daria is still pretty entertaining in a lethargic kind of way. Next I will have to revisit My So-Called Life, after which I can go on to assess recent award-winning work by Claire Danes.

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