Astronaut Theatre at Gorilla Tango: BC Alum Sketch Comedy in Chicago

Last week I had the exquisite joy of seeing one of my oldest friends take to the sketch comedy stage once again.

Just so you know that I am not biased at all.

Recently incepted Astronaut Theatre consists of Boston College alums of said school’s “Hello…Shovelhead” group (which, you know, if you happen to be at BC, I have always found to be quite amusing although admittedly it has been some years since my college sketch-going days).

Astronaut Theatre premiered themselves last Thursday night (January 13) at the Gorilla Tango Theatre, a nice little venue with very clean bathrooms, located in Bucktown. Having frequented various comedy venues, I have to stress that clean, well-lit bathrooms are one of the winning elements that I look for. Especially since the staff are always trying so hard to get you to purchase a beverage or eight.

These things are important.

The show was just under an hour long featuring inter-sketch dance breaks (people I was with were maybe hoping that mix CDs would be sold in the lobby) and more than a few amazing costumes (although I’m guessing that those costume changes are probably what necessitated a couple of the longer breaks). Insensitively hilarious as sketch generally is, they started with a slice of Nazi Germany in which young Nazis felt insecure in their speech giving and  swastika sewing abilities—not to mention nerves over remembering which arm one heils with. Another featured a woman who so admired a suicide note found on the office printer that she called the author in to congratulate him—and ask for some constructive  criticism regarding her own attempts at the ideal epistle.

Forgive my clumsy recap, take my advice and go see their next show, same place (1919 N. Milwaukee), same time (8pm), next month, February 10th, $10.

It’ll be fun.



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