Savoy Cocktail of the Week: Atta Boy

Last week called for the testing of the Allen (Special) Cocktail—it being the first selection in The Savoy Cocktail Book for which I had all the ingredients on hand. You may recall that the Allen (Special) calls for Maraschino, Plymouth Gin and lemon juice. You may also recall that I inexplicably have in my possession a giant (and until last week entirely full) bottle of Maraschino.

I cannot being to explain where it came from. Inexplicable.

At any rate, we bravely mixed, shook and sipped the Allen, and surprisingly—as long as you manage to finish before it gets warm—it wasn’t bad. I attribute this largely to the tangy-ness of the lemon juice. I would not go and order it at a bar, but I might make them at home on as the key aspect of my campaign to make progress on that Maraschino.

Up next (and yes, again, it was chosen because I have all the ingredients) we find the Atta Boy Cocktail, which looks rather like a grown-up Shirley Temple/ an original flavored Martini? You know, one with gin in it and not things like Kahlua.

1/3 French (dry) Vermouth
2/3 Dry Gin
4 dashes Grenadine

And if you want to know why I have Grenadine on hand, well I will have you know that age does not change the deliciousness of the occasional Shirley Temple. Nothing changes innate deliciousness.

I plan to go to the liquor store in the near future where as usual I will befuddle the staff with my requests for odd ingredients and come out much poorer. Then we will get cracking on some more interesting offerings from The Savoy Cocktail Book.


If you like mixing things and give any of these drinks a shot, please comment about your joy, you hate and your deepest alcoholic thoughts.


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