Halfsies Are Sartorially Unacceptable

Kanako Murakami/Skate America/UniversalSports.com/Getty

Jeremy Abbott/UniversalSports.com/Junji Kurokawa/Associated Press

This should not be allowed to happen. Someone needs to talk to people like Jeremy Abbott and Kanako Murakami, who think that wearing half of one costume and half of another stitched together is OK.

It’s not a real thing.

It’s not a thing.

I am not even going to make jokes about ‘oh hey did you run out of black velvet halfway through?’ (like those Universal Sports fashion slide show folk). I am just going to say that you are hurting my soul.

Really. Stop it. Pick one.

You both look ridiculous. And I like you both, but I cannot condone these eyesores.

Stop the madness.

Stop it.

Kanako Murakami/UniversalSports.com/Toru Yamanaka/AFP Getty Images

Sidenote: Murakami obviously got some feedback about her Mask of Zorro costume, because she changed it from red to lavender… why, why, why did she not change the whole thing instead of just half?

I am boggled.

And Jeremy, wearing half a sports jacket cannot be comfortable.




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