I’m Just Not That Into Halloween

I’ve always tended to focus more on what a hassle it is to come up with a good Halloween costumes verses any potential fun that might be had from cavorting about in said costume.

Plus, as much as I am drawn to candy corn, I always regret it later when I start getting sugar cramps in my cheek–TRUE story.

Then there is the awkwardness (particularly when staying at family home where when gets a slew of candy-demanders) of giving out trick or treat candy to people my age or older.

I’m sorry, sir, but just because you have a Spiderman mask on (thus obstructing what I am sure is a lot of mature facial hair), I can still tell by your voice, your utter lack of trick-or-treating companions and the fact that you are 7 feet tall, that you are an adult. Go home.

On the upside, after dressing up as what was vaguely a French sailor/pirate and degenerated into Pirate Amélie on Saturday night, I did get to dress my ever-suffering puppy up as a bumblebee. This is particularly hilarious to a small select few because my graduate studies centered around Napoleon, who (as you probably don’t care to know) used the bumblebee as his emblem.

Learn something every day, don’t you?

Unfortunately—since I know you immediately held your breath upon reading about my costume—there are not yet any available pictures of my striped shirt, eye-patch, pincurls, purple beret ensemble. I also inexplicably wore my mother’s 1974 Midwood High School class ring. So sorry.

(Sidenote: WordPress spellcheck wanted me to correct “Spiderman” to “epidermal.”)



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