Descent into Mayhem: Brazil vs. Ivory Coast


That’s really all I have to say about the closing minutes of the Brazil – Ivory Coast Game.

Michel Bastos argues with Siake Tiene ( Images/Martin Rose)

It was absurd.

The commentators regretfully informed the world that such behavior is the downfall of their sport. Tsk tsk.

Add to that the scandalous behavior of the French team at practice, and it was quite the drama day.

And events/causes of scandal aside, don’t you think that as a supposedly elite side who has performed miserably, nigh on embarrassingly, that instead of boycotting practice maybe you ought to—oh I don’t know—do some teamwork drills or something? I mean—obviously—aside from agreeing as a team to march off the field and refuse to return whilst under the lens of the media.

I mean, I hate to say this, but (and especially since they are playing South Africa next) I might have to pull my support from Les Bleus (anyways, I have another blue—technically azure—team that I back above all anyways, and then of course there is Team USA… lots of blue here).


Soon I will have to relive my aneurysm regarding the Azzurri. Returning to my dark place to write that post will be interesting.



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2 responses to “Descent into Mayhem: Brazil vs. Ivory Coast

  1. The French card has been marked since the moment Thierry Henry handled the ball into the net to beat the Irish (God loves the Irish). Obviously their referees come from the same ilk- Kaka did nothing but shrug off the Cote d’Ivoire player who had him in his sights as soon as Kaka got the first yellow card.Shameful.

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