Sleeper Greece: Just When I Decided Not to Trust Alexi Lalas

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There I went and adjusted my bracket. First, I had Greece and Nigeria listed for a draw. Then I changed it to Greece because, you know, I figured they deserved some faith, plus I like Mediterranean folks.

Then my desire to win the bracket (currently behind by two… sigh) took over and I went back to a draw. Then I felt that I should be more decisive and that really one of these teams needed a win, so I decided to go with Nigeria since they had held up not too badly against Argentina.

You see how crazy I am becoming?

At any rate, I decided to once and for all discard the Alexi Lalas’ advice and go with the African team.

I never should has questioned. This I know now.

Oh hindsight. Gilham

My favorite moment was Vassilis Torosidis airplaning around the field after his goal (the second of the game).

Congratulations Greece. You’re ruining my bracket, no matter which way I place you, but congratulations.

Actually it is sort of valiant that Greece managed to score not once but twice—just look at the Nigerian goalie. If that man doesn’t mean “no nonsense,” then I don’t know what “no nonsense” means.

Vincent Enyeama was not a happy camper. He glowered, he shook his head and generally stalked about looking furious.

It all went going downhill when Sani Kaita got red carded for petulantly kicking at Torosidis during a bit of a tangle on the line. The Greek looked to his cultural roots and made a huge dramatic scene of it, falling tragically and expressively to the ground.

When the call was made Kaita fell to his knees in disbelief, and the following journey lasted eons. Watching Kaita trudge off the field was one of the most tragic scenes of the Cup thus far—in my humble opinion. He went nearly the whole way with his shirt over his face, devastated by a moment of reflexive frustration.

Kind of dampens the Greek victory a bit, doesn’t it?

Plus of course, it’s pretty much rubbish.

Breach of proper decorum? Of course. A full-on violent kick? Not so much.

Ah well: drama, drama, drama. Thank you World Cup for illuminating my life with awkwardly timed live international sporting entertainment once again.


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One response to “Sleeper Greece: Just When I Decided Not to Trust Alexi Lalas

  1. If the Nigerians didn’t play with ten, Greece would probably loose but that’s football, you play with the feet but karate kicks are not allowed. Next time try to kick the ball, Good luck and see you after four years.

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