Azzurri, Azzurri

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It was a rough day for the Azzurri (and no British commentator, not because they are dinosaurs), but in the end they brought it. In the end, they finally started to attack.

It was a little late—admittedly—but it was there. I have to console myself with the fact that while they did not win, Italy did not lose either. Unfortunately I have to think the same about Paraguay.

It was stressful. Commentators were tossing around words like “unraveling,” “dinosaurs,” and “uninspired.”

I was angry. I remain upset.

And then something magical happened. I had been planning to celebrate an Italian goal by ordering a Campari (Louis 649 is rapidly becoming my go-to World Cup venue), but things were getting rough and I caved a little early.

By a little early, I mean that the moment I asked for Campari on the rocks, the Daniele De Rossi scored for the Azzurri. It was cosmic.

Feel free to thank me for my effort towards the Italian cause.

For the record, that was a picture that I proceeded to take of my beverage.

Daniele De Rossi celebrates after scoring for the Azzurri,

I tried ordering one again as time began to run short for even the most optimistic of us… I regret to admit that the cosmic magic was not on board that second time.

But then, you already knew that.

Sigh. Such irritating words: Italy 1-1 Paraguay.

Good thing I am fully confident that we will proceed to crush New Zealand, up next over the weekend.



Oh, and fun fact: the Azzurri are thus called because azure blue was the color of the House of Savoy (royal house that officially united Italy in 1861); hence, Italian national teams tend to sport the blue—Olympics and otherwise, such as the World Cup team.


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