“Deutschland Domination”


I know my last post declared the necessity of Germany bringing it for the sake of my bracket, but….

I repeat: Ouch.


Unsurprisingly, the Australian National Team has a cute nickname—the Socceroos.

The German team does not have a cute nickname. This is also not surprising. According to Wikipedia they are merely referred to as Nationalmannschaft. Foreigners might refer to them as Mannschaft. It means team.

How creative.

If the Germans in question are feeling particularly playful, they might use the every so slightly more creative “Nationalelf.” That means the National 11.

At any rate, by the second half and that third goal, and then that brutal fourth goal… how could you not feel bad for the Socceroos?

I mean, just look at that stuffed animal. It’s so cute and has a similarly shell-shocked expression on its face as the Australian players.


I spent the last 20 minutes hoping, hoping, hoping that maybe just maybe they could score a goal.

Germany wasn’t having it. Australia ended up all sad 100 percent on defense, or supposed to be at least. Plus Cahill got red carded, so then it was 11 on 10.

Comments from our delightful post-match gurus?

“A thumping, a humbling.”

“That was dismantling.”

“The defense in midfield was not existing for Australia.”

“The Germans put the boot in Australia for now.”



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