The World Cup is Finally Here!

That’s all really.

The opener between South Africa and Mexico is 46:19 in as I type and we’re off to the halftime report. Neither team has scored. This is apparently the first time that has happened in an opener since 1994.

The vuvuzelas are already annoying and if I was sitting behind someone wearing a sombrero, I would be a little pissed.

Just saying.

And that Nike ad has not yet aired in its entirety, but I am hopeful.

Oh and the gear people are sporting is amazing. As is all the footage of safari animals.

World Cup!

And just to officially lay it out there: I am supporting Italy. They are my people and I will be there later this summer. I also own a Forza Fiorentina scarf.

I also like France (on principle) and Uruguay (my original pick), who are playing this afternoon whilst I am unable to be watching—lame—although given my indecision, that might be best. At some point, I suppose I can get behind the US. Like, possibly at the England-USA game tomorrow.

Alexi Lalas has declared Greece as his sleeper, the Netherlands and Spain as finalists with the Dutch taking home the Cup.

World Cup!



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3 responses to “The World Cup is Finally Here!

  1. Addendum: First goal scored by South Africa for the 2010 World Cup! Excellent, Bafana, Bafana.

  2. And it’s a draw. That last attempt that hit the post was so very upsetting.

    “South Africa won, Mexico won.”

    Thank you ESPN.

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