Summer Sports Start with Baseball

It’s true.

It might be World Cup year, the year of the “most prestigious event in sports,” but here at home, summer sports start with baseball. So we will start with my first summer sports event of the season, a Yankee game.

It was two weekends ago by now, the game against Cleveland in which A-Rod hit a line drive right into pitcher David Huff’s head. It was intense. Huff took the hit to the left side of the head and immediately hit the ground facedown as the play played out. It was confusing.

And then we waited. It was a long time before they got him onto a stretcher and drove him off the field. Long time.

Actually, the whole game was long, as I recall it was nearly five hours. It was a lovely day, it never rained as it was promised to, and we had great seats just out of the steaming sun.

It was, overall,  a lovely and enjoyable day. For us, not for Huff. A-Rod was apparently pretty shaken up too. But for us, it was mainly quite relaxingly enjoyable.

Yankee Stadium, View from Our Seats

It was also a day during which something that I should have known about Yankee fans was, pardon the phrase, hit home.

Man, do they turn on you fast.

I mean sure, it the way their lead floundered was a shock. The Yanks were pretty much pounding the Indians for the first two-thirds of the game and then somehow just… gave it up.

And you know, sure there were a few moments pathetic enough even to cause me exclamation—I admit. But they really get mean. And they got mean long before the game took a truly tragic turn. It was as if the stadium was suddenly under a dark cloud of thundering disapproval and rage.

Like waiting for the F train.

I don’t often tend to get worked up about sports, aside—obviously—from the Olympics, which is based on a) my love of obscure sports, b) my love of racing sports (no vehicles, thankyouverymuch) and c) the intensity of an international competition of somewhat profound impact (the World Cup, therefore, does appeal to me).

Anyways, Yankee fans are intense and mean. New Yorkers are intense and mean. I’m kind of intense and mean. That’s why I live here. But I don’t get intense and mean at Yankee games because I’m from Chicago and I am White Sox through and through.


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