The Last Dance

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As has been declared on Words To Bumble: The final face off is between Pussycat  Doll Nicole Scherzinger and Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek.

Past eliminees came by, Erin Andrews placed into third—not a surprise looking at the competition she was up against—and reflections have been made by all.

The moment is upon us.


Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough came out with a jive to the Tina Turner version of “Proud Mary.” It was fast, it was fun; like Scherzinger wanted: It was rock ‘n’ roll— a gold fringe dress, wildly tossed hair,  lightning fast jive moves and a lot of smiles.

“It’s so much fun and it has so much energy.”

She had that right.

Len straight off said that she should win… which I feel he shouldn’t have been allowed to say…. no?

The other judges gushed similarly. At home, Molly snapped, “Well. She. is. a. dancer.”

And then the Pussycat got to hug Gladys Knight.

And then a perfect score of 30/30 was awarded and we went to commercial.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya countered with the quick step (because it is “very precise and technical,” and that’s what Evan likes) … and no tuxedo, but a pair of suspenders and a daisy boutonnière to the tune of “I Want You to Want Me.” And no worries, he was wearing tuxedo pants—just no jacket.

It was also fast-paced, it was also a triumphant performance, and it also spoke perfectly to their established style. Compliments aplenty were won from the judges.

Bruno told Evan that although he has always been a good dancer, “Your performance level has enhanced, you’re now dashing, you’re now sexy, you can now do charming.”

Len continued the trend by saying, “You bring elegance, style, you’ve got a charm about you… You have done a fantastic job!”

Carrie Ann testified to the way that Lysacek has won hearts over the course of the season, and behaved as a champion.

The judges followed this up with a score of only 28/30. Boo.

After a breathless commercial break…

dun dun dun

The sinking feeling that crept into my heart yesterday after the freestyle round has solidified into icy disappointment…

The Pussycat beat the Olympian.


I mean, sure, Scherzinger was great, but this blog was born to favor Olympians and we shall continue to do so. After all, we did go out to Long Island to see Stars On Ice.


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One response to “The Last Dance

  1. Denise

    Johanna. Laura and I have been watching baseball all night (except Glee from 9-10). We’re counting on you to keep the two of us updated here. I need to know who wins. Help us out.

    p.s. Laura is VERY disappointed that Erin Andrews placed third.

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