From the Day: Wolf, Coulter, A.C. Slater, ETC.

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Remember that video of Ann Coulter suggesting that a Muslim student use camel as a mode of transportation?

Rick Sanchez interviewed her this afternoon on CNN’s Rick’s Picks during which he asked her to confront the video. She blathered something about how liberals are always shouting when they do not receive the answer they want: “You’ll notice this a lot with liberals.”

Yes, and conservatives never shout out inappropriately… “You lie!”

At the end of his two hours Sanchez asked Wolf Blitzer if he had watched the interview. In a show of his typical Wolfiness, Blitzer  said simply, “Well, it’s always entertaining, you know that.”

Thank you Wolf.


This morning on The View, the host ladies opened with a spirited discussion on an up and coming female arousal drug–  Viagra for your snatch. Joy Behar just kept shouting, “Push the button!” Whoopi Goldberg decreed that some KY is a lot cheaper and easier to come by. Barbara was appalled and Sherri just thought it was hilarious that that Walters had been forced to say “lubricant” and “lubricated” so many times.


On an episode of the Golden Girls rerun for the millionth time today on WeTV, Mario Lopez (who I prefer to refer to as A.C. Slater) plays a young illegal immigrant named– you guessed it– Mario.

It is amazing, Teach.

Will you start putting an “r” in February?

He is so little! Look at him! And to think, mere years later he became A.C. Slater and then years and years after that he still just will not go away. It’s amazing.


Lastly, last night Jon Stewart introduced a new segment: “Is That a Lot?” with John Oliver. Oliver came to the desk and Stewart confirmed with Oliver that he is in fact British and then asked, “Is 150kg a lot?”

“Well it’s about 330lbs.”

“Ok, well thanks a lot.”

Oliver then spat out, “Pull out your f*cking calculator,” and stormed off set.


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