Dressed to Kilt: Shani Davis at the Glenfiddich Sponsored Charity Fashion Show

Andrew Walker/Getty Images/UniversalSports.com

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In the past Words to Bumble posited that Olympic speed skater Shani Davis (you know, they guy who called Stephen Colbert a jerk, which was deftly tuned into comedic fodder by the Report newsman) did not seem to have  a sense of humor. Based on the images posted by Universal Sports recently, it turns out that maybe he does.

Davis donned a kilt and hammed it up a bit for the cameras at the “Dressed to Kilt” Charity Fashion Show sponsored by Glenfiddich in New York City on April 5th. The theme, unsurprisingly was “Mad for Scotland;” the funds were raised for the Wounded Warrior Project (www.woundedwarriorproject.org), the Paralyzed Veterans of America (www.pva.org) and the Erskine Hospital in Scotland (www.erskine.org.uk).

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images/ UniversalSports.com

At any rate my point is that Shani Davis strolled down the runway in a kilt and velvet jacket and vest with his gold medal and then struck a speed skating pose for the ages. Being an Olympian must be such fun.

And who else was there? A sports-minded Mike Myers showed a bit of blindingly white leg as he crept down the runway in a Canadian hockey jersey and kilt combination–naturally. Somewhat inexplicably the Geico caveman was also in attendance, posing his way down the runway in full formal kilt attire, complete with a heraldic lion and black tie.




Enter the upper echelons of the Hollywood elite:  Lady and Sir Sean Connery– everyone’s favorite Scot/James Bond–also made an appearance, donning their plaids and being Scottish in general. Obviously. The whole thing would have been null without Sir Sean.


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