You’ve Been Eliminated

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Goodbye silver-shredded-trash-bag-wearing Edyta and soap star Aiden Turner. It has been every so nice criticizing your sartorial choices. Toodles to you.

On this final viewing of Ms. Sliwinski, I noted that her outfit was downright ridunkulous, which Molly agreed, “I think ridunkulous might be the actual adjective.”

Aiden says that he now feels “like I can move like I have never moved before. Going home, I am truly going to miss it.”

Well… at least we can be happy for Kate Gosselin who looked as though her life might end if she was eliminated (I’m really gonna cry if it’s over!”) despite a dramatic eye roll when the term “mini break-through” was mentioned again.

And fun fact of the week on Dancing- You know what is super weird? The fact that Chad Ochocinco apparently bought his pro a pavé diamond cocktail ring for being a great partner. It is very glittery. He also explained that “a woman loves a man she can mold.”


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