Aaron Fischer’s Piano Stylings

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Aaron Fischer, formerly a Broadway Musical Director type has left the glitz of musical theater on the Great White Way, and migrated a few dozen blocks downtown where he has been performing weekly at The Living Room, in their upstairs venue, Googies.

The lighting is green, the piano is a white baby grand, Italian lights are strung haphazardly about the windows, the room has odd panels of vintage fabric sound absorbing boards and the crowd that gathers is fairly diverse. You can opt for grabbing your own drink downstairs on your way up, or order from the waitress that mills about the Googies level. No pressure.

So, I sat there last week pondering the shift from jazz hands, jazz squares and the volume of spit that lands in an orchestra pit during any given performance, to the life of performing in full view for a crowd happy to hear your latest original song. I made a few notes regarding the vibe and I would compare the sound to a mixture of Broadway-er Jason Robert Brown and the trusty piano man himself, Mr. Billy Joel. Clearly among other things, based on my status as failing to be an actual music critic.

occasionally Fischer pauses before a new number and provides a few biographical words of insight into the next song. One of which I took particular note was the story of a girl who thought that Fischer was allergic to her. Accompanying lyric?

“You gave me hives, from the first time I saw you… just don’t leave me here.”

Hives are a sticky business. Remember when Shannon Doherty claimed that live television gave her hives and then she was the first contestant voted off Dancing with the Stars?

I digress.

At any rate, if you enjoy a a little live piano and crooning, I suggest that you hop on down to the Lower East Side and check out Aaron Fischer, tonight Monday, April 12th at 8:00pm at Googies, upstairs of The Living Room at 154 Ludlow. If you are interested and tonight is not your night, Fischer has been playing there fairly regularly, about once a week and rumor has it he aims to continue doing so; thus, check out their website for daily listings.

[UPDATE]: You can check Aaron out on his website: http://www.aaron-fischer.com/


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