Mix Me a Smooth One, Pour Me a Cold One: Libations in Advertising


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It’s been a while since I lent my expert voice to commercials. Today the theme is alcohol, in honor of the weekend. The ads ranging from the past several months are officially the Words to Bumble top five for their distinctive category… until we revisit the subject that is.

5. In fifth place we have the regally douchey Chivas “Live with Chivalry” campaign featuring young chosen Brits being… young chosen Brits. I love hating it so much that it made the top rather than the worst ofs. I just like when people can hold the door open, personally…

It’s the extended version, featuring rowers. Hah-ha!

4. [UPDATE] Number four is up for grabs. Let me know what you think. Interact! You can do it. Fourth place goes to an Absolut spot for a few reasons: the usage of “Ceremony” by New Order, the fantastic design and marketing history behind Absolut, and sense of fresh that I get when I see the spot. This is the extended version from YouTube. The creation of words disseminating their message– a little weird; the overall aesthetic– enjoyable and clean, you can almost forget that it is for not great Scandinavian vodka. And I love the sound editing.

3. Stella Artois reran a commercial during the Olympics [I think], that centered around failed competitors in a cycling race [possibly the Tour de France in theory?]. They combined the minimalist Stella style (centered around cutting through some thick frothy foam and the associated sounds of Stella on tap) with vintagey footage and a vaguely sporty narrative. All the dialogue is in French, but easy enough for a non-speaker to follow and ends with “Perfection has its price.” Plus, it is pretty entertaining there at the Bar du Sport.

2. For the first runner-up: Who could forget the hilarious Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign? My sister and father would wait for it, impersonate it, text it. We are a strange bunch my family. Not a lot need to be said, Dos Equis presented the world with a Latin Chuck Norris, and the world readily embraced a new hero.

1. And the prize goes to one of my favorite ads about anything every: Jameson Whiskey and facing down a giant Octopus. I love a good octopus… far away from me. It’s brilliant for several reasons” short but complete, clever and entertaining narrative, the late-eighteenth-century vibe speaks to my historic design inclinations, and the story is unique to the brand– you’re drinking something established, something a man dove into the sea and faced a sea monster to save, ostensibly for you. I believe it, don’t you?

I love an octopus. Also, they have been trending, which you would know if you were one of the four people who read a blog post on that old failed blog, in which I presented a very professional report on my findings at the BUST Magazine Holiday Craftacular.



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2 responses to “Mix Me a Smooth One, Pour Me a Cold One: Libations in Advertising

  1. People need to post… not just let me know via other means, but so far we have votes for:

    ~Heineken commercial with the boss’ daughter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KscChA1DxAk

    ~Bud Light Lost-esque commercial with the plane crash and beverage cart on a desert island: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKB1nDZgJYY

    ~Miller Lite spot where the guy can’t say “I love you” but can say that he would love another Miller Lite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynZ5okiPAhk

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