Despite Foot Issues of Various Sorts, Evan Lysacek is the Leading Star on “Dancing With the…”

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After being horrified that Dancing with the Stars topped the ratings last week, I thanked the cosmos that I am not one of the special few with a metered tv/cable box to measure my household ratings, and tuned in.

At least I have the decency to be ashamed, which is more than I can say for Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd from The View who were all in a tizzy this morning. Whoopi was not amused; rather, she seemed fairly appalled.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya were the first out of the gate last night dancing to the “Entr’acte” from Chicago. Why you might ask? Well, last night was “Tell a Story with Your Dance” night (more officially known as the “Performance Show”) and as Lysacek said, “I’m from Chicago, so that’s pretty cool.”

He went on to note that he and Trebunskaya have been in second place two weeks in a row, so “hopefully our quick step will give us an edge.”

Lysacek also returned to his trusty tuxedo look, possibly in search of that first place edge. It was jazzy, it was sequined, it was “Chicago,” as was Trebunskaya’s fantastically fringed ensemble (it was all fringe from waist to ankle) and coif.

Take away moments? First and foremost, Lysacek did a cartwheel in the middle of the number! It was amazing. And of course those jazz hands in the final pose pictured here.

What did the judges have to say?

Len (a.k.a. angry British man): “That was a slapstick home run! … It really cheered me up to watch that. [However,] you’ve got to watch your feet [Evan].”

Bruno [a.k.a. the over excited Italian man]: “There is a thing with your feet. I think it’s the skates.”

As always, Evan responded with, “Obviously I feel most comfortable with skates on my feet, so it’s a whole new ball game for me.”

Yes, OK, we all understand that he is a figure skater and that dancing is not the same. We get it. He gets it. Stop bringing up his ice skates. It you want him to point his toes, then just tell him to point his toes.

Later on we learn that Lysacek has a couple of broken toes in tow, but that he thinks such injuries are to be expected with any new athletic endeavor. I am no expert, but broken toe would not be my go-to expected injury for ballroom dancing, but apparently that is why I am not an expert.

Are you on the edge of your seat for the elimination tonight? I predict saying farewell to Kate Gosselin, and not only because of her fashion disaster, one of many seen last night.

Also, why does this show have to be on the air twice a week? Like Whoopi said this morning on The View: “Just bring Lost back. I want Lost, but now we’re looking at people dancing.”

*Whoopi eyes*


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