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The Flickr-er of this gem provided the description: These are signs seen primarily at Tea Part Protests. They all feature “creative” spelling or grammar. This new dialect of the English language shall be known as “Teabonics.””

One can only imagine that the author of these truly magical protest signs has some form of ultra-conservative libertarian Tourette syndrome coupled with a third grade education at best.

In addition to the random bolding, note a fear of socialism so deep that it can only be written out in code: “Scholiast” instead of “Socialist,” much like “You-Know-Who” instead of “Voldemort.”

They must have read a prohibited copy of Harry Potter right before tossing it into the bonfire to be burned with other unacceptable books.

Are they making a pun à la français? — “mort” = “dead”

Or are they just stuck at that third grade reading/writing level.

For more Teabagger fun, check out the full array of madness on Flickr.



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3 responses to ““Teabonics”

  1. French gender agreement.

  2. That was supposed to read:


    French gender agreement.


    WordPress though my HTML coding was worth hiding.

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