What If Steve Jobs Was Just Kidding?

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First of all, not the potential for hilarity in the fact that the first iPad reviews came out just in time for April 1st. If Steve Jobs has a sense of humor, he would have delayed the whole iPad presentation until this morning; it could have been amazing. Imagine the media frenzy. Wolf Blitzer could have staged a hologram conference with a myriad of tech experts whilst Jimmy Fallon planned  a late night sketch in which he would depict Jobs sitting in his office coming up with the best April Fools’ prank ever laid down on the techieverse.

In dull reality, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reviews appeared on Twitter just as yesterday’s late night television was getting under way, and they are nothing if not seriously thorough about the pros and cons, which will– shocker–come down to what each individual consumer wants out of the iPad. What a revelation.

The WSJ’s Walt Mossberg brags about “spending hours and hours with [the iPad].” David Pogue of NYT neglected to divulge how much time Apple had given him to review the gadget, but the main thing to be learned is that Apple has serious trust issues and does not play well with others– even though their products are so sexy that you just want to jump right into bed with them. ABC’s Nightline reiterated that even app developers in the business of stocking a new iPad-friendly market have been unable to get their hands on the device, instead resorting to pre-ordering with the masses.

Solution? Become a gadget critic, enjoy a life of dishing out judgment and getting all the best toys eons before anyone else, and just skip the hard work of developing apps altogether.


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