Advice in the Subway

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UPDATED: March 21, 2010

Yesterday I took a ride on the 1 train again. Maybe I was looking for paper towels, maybe I have become enamored of the Upper West Side or maybe I was on my way to an interview feeling cranky about having to wear nylons for the sake of decorum.

At any rate, a trio of a capella singing men came through the subway car somewhere above 42nd Street. Personally I was jamming to “James River Blues,” but as we neared the next station and they wrapped up their bit by asking for donations, one of the men handed out a bit of life advice:

“Smile– It’s good for your health,  prevents those forehead wrinkles! And if that doesn’t help, then try fiber!”

And you know, everyone that I was facing on the car did crack a smile. Some of us giggled.

So… how are you doing on smiles/ fiber today?



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4 responses to “Advice in the Subway

  1. Penny Pincher

    I would have tripped them.


    I’m just sayin’.

  2. Glenda

    Yay UWS! I’ll be back in NYC in the fall. We need to catch up.

  3. Must have been the same guy I used to see on the 6 train with the “smile, it won’t mess up your hair!” line. Those guys have tricked me into a smiling despite my determination to be in a bad mood more than a few times.

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