People with Jobs

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Last night I saw a friend of mine. He is a few years younger than I, less one masters degree, but plus one job. I mentioned that I have an interview next week, finally. Said “friend” went on to blather about how when he had been looking for a job that such was all he did for three weeks straight and then wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am he lined up a few interviews and became gainfully employed.

This from a man (let us not obsess over terminology) who moments earlier had clicked his heels together and exclaimed, “I can make noises with my feet!”

One-hundred percent true.

I almost hit him, but he was across the room. Instead, I turned to Kathleen and queried, “How does he have a job? What does he have on his resumé? Peewee hockey?!”

It was David.


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