Julia Mancuso Hits the World Cup Podium

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What better way to end two years off the podium than with two trips during the Olympics?

Follow it up with a trip to the FIS World Cup Super G podium in Crans-Montana the next week.

After her Olympic silver medals Mancuso said, “I just wanna go out and leave the past behind and do the best that I can.”

2010 is shaping up pretty nicely for Julia Mancuso. She made a sweet comeback during the Olympics, survived her media blitz, came across much more fabulously than Lindsey Vonn, had not one but two fantastic Visa spots, Colorshow wrote her a song and she is a trending topic in this blog. Lucky lady.

During her blitz she hit up The Ellen DeGeneres Show, George Lopez Tonight, The Daily Ten, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Access Hollywood, Larry King Live and probably more.

Over the course we learned about her tiara wearing tendencies–“My coach gave it to me as a gag gift” and it is like “bringing a piece of my coaches up on the podium with me’–, her underwear line– “I took a thousand pair of underwear up [to Vancouver]”– and her skiing philosophy: “Skiing’s always been about fun for me.”

She also continued to furnish comments on the controversy/non-controversy regarding Lindsey Vonn: “We do things a little differently and it turned into this thing… [just because we] don’t march to the same beat of a drum.” Clearly the whole business has gotten quite tiresome, “It’s kind of funny–like almost Hollywood– It was almost like someone put it out there that we need a story.”

With Access Hollywood off the gossip beat, the story is now about Mancuso tearing it up at Crans-Montana and heading into the FIS World Cup Finals in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.


Mancuso held the lead through a series of competitors until Vonn and then Dominique Gisin (who you may recall as the Swiss woman who had a terrible rag-doll-like crash on the Olympic downhill course) came out on top after a disappointing downhill the previous day: “You can see the hunger is back in the skiing of Dominique Gisin!”

Final standings: Gisin 1:24.14, Vonn 1:24.29, Mancuso 1:24.52.


Mancuso had a great race, garnering the comment that “No one does it better than Julia Mancuso” when it comes to getting back on her game, focusing and bringing it all. She caught previous leader Maria Riesch by three tenths: “really clean, really aggressive, just carrying on from her Olympic glory.”

Isn’t it fun when the Olympics make one discover Universal Sports and their wide online streaming video offerings? It is also comforting to know that obscure winter sports commentators are still there for me post-Vancouver.



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3 responses to “Julia Mancuso Hits the World Cup Podium

  1. The. Olympics. Are. Over.

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