I Didn’t Know Shaun White Would Be At My Oscars Party

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Moments after I finished writing about Shaun White yesterday, I came across my friend Brigitte’s Facebook status: “Someone legit thought that I was Shaun White and that they were having an Olympic celeb sighting.”


This couldn’t have happened before I published my last blog post?! Really, cosmos? Really!?!

I was really excited to have a celebrity over for the evening’s festivities.

So here we have the  real Shaun White rocking his Rolling Stone cover pants at the Vanity Fair party.

Now at the time, we did not have this delightful image to work from, but we did have the experience of having seen White play both air guitar and actual guitar, so we worked from that for our personal White-look-alike photo shoot.

Let’s not lie about how eerie the back view is. Too bad that guy on the street did not see Brigitte from behind, but definitely face-on. Ahaha. Hah.

So we went onto an air guitar pose.

White does wear a lot of plaid shirts and skinny jeans. And Brigitte does also sport a leather jacket much of the time. Maybe they can hang out, she can be his double for evading crowds. All she has to do is learn how to snowboard like a demon.

There is definitely a future there.

@JohannaAP25 ladies and gentlemen, shaun white is here with us. what a privilege.

@JohannaAP25 Dear interpretive dance at the Oscars… my own personal Shaun White is also dancing. #Oscars

@BazeCraze Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bathroom Break dancers!

@BobbyKnndy @JohannaAP25 Who is your own personal Shaun White? David Siewers?

@JohannaAP25 @BobbyKnndy My red-haired friend Brigitte. Someone stopped her on the street today & shouted, “It’s Shaun White.” I’ll be blogging later.

Oh hey look– I did.


Quote of the evening came from Randy David: “[Brigitte], no one wants to see your snowboard!”



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5 responses to “I Didn’t Know Shaun White Would Be At My Oscars Party

  1. David


    I most certainly said the quote of the evening – Randy was busy in the bedroom with other pursuits.

    I feel robbed… like Anna Kendrick.

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