They’re Gold Medal Hockey Champs…

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So… get. over. it.

Seriously. Why do so many people have their panties in a knot over the Canadian women’s hockey team being inappropriate on the ice after their medal ceremony? I mean, I totally agree that their behavior and the subsequent mass availability of those pictures was un-Olympic of them, not admirable, fully inappropriate… but only because pictures ended up all over the digital world. Because, really, did you in your wildest dreams not think that gold medal Olympians (and even more so when you have a huge team in a hardcore sport that means the world to their country) don’t party it up when all is said and done?

Come ON.

Let’s all stop being ridiculous and pretending that we are self-righteously incredulous, shall we?

Furthermore, let’s consider how upset people will be if the men’s team smacks down a like victory and proceeds to behave in a similar manner… I’m betting people won’t be nearly as upset. Let’s face it, people are miffed because not only was this not ideally Olympianly sportsmanlike behavior, but damn it all– it wasn’t ladylike!

Come ON. This is just ridiculous. And sometimes, lady needs a cigar. Sometimes, lady deserves a cigar.




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2 responses to “They’re Gold Medal Hockey Champs…

  1. Kelly

    I completely agree. I mean, not only is it hockey…. it’s Canada for cryin’ outloud, yeessh!

    Thank you for writing on this one as I was going to but didn’t…

  2. Yeah cigars! (I mean really…kinda gross, but I like the idea.)

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