Giant Slalom Aftermath & Olympic Helmet Fashion

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In the aftermath of Wednesday’s awful Giant Slalom weather and the Vonn-Mancuso situation there were a lot of sound bites flying around regarding their relationship over the years and at present. Bottom line: the two are “polar opposite personalities,” and as the GS commentators pointed out: “that’s just one of the realities of  being on a national team” and of being lifelong competitors.

Vonn has her ‘I’m-1000x-more-intense-than-you’ attitude, embodied best by her pre-race visage, while Mancuso prefers a “don’t sweat the small stuff attitude.” The only thing scarier than Vonn’s game face huffs and glares is the legit roar that fellow teammate Sarah Schleper lets out just before heading out the gate.

After yesterday morning’s second run at 1:34.13 Mancuso was relaxed saying, “I’m not nervous cause it’s like a miracle, you know? It’s all I can do.” Unfortunately she ended up unable to reclaim her gold with an eight place finish but the run was a great comeback from the previous days trauma-drama. Plus, she had tickets to see the women’s figure skating free skate… so that’s pretty much a win, and her tweets throughout the evening were pretty positive.

Late night coverage aired a Bob Costas interview with Mancuso where she talked about the rarity of seeing a yellow flag in GS and how confusing that foggy day of first runs was. She also responded to her previous comments about Vonn getting all the attention and making it difficult for the achievements of other women on the team to be seen and appreciated: “I wold love to see our team just cheer for each other… and there are a bunch of other girls out there skiing really fast… not just me and Lindsey.” Of course such PR repairs are expected, but truly, Vonn’s crash did inadvertently ruin Mancuso’s chance for a fair first run and that’s just the truth and some bitterness was to be expected. Furthermore, Mancuso has a point… who are those other speedy skiing ladies, and why don’t we know any of them? Point.

To sum it up: “I was proud of my effort out there… these things happen. It was outside of my control to get a fair chance, but it really has been a great games, so I can be excited to go home like that.”

As for Sochi, 25-year-old Mancuso says we’ll see her there for a fourth games: “I love to ski.” And in the meantime, “I just remember how much fun it is to travel the world and ski and live my dream job.”

And I like that about her.

What else?

Check out this link to NBC New York. They’ve put together a slide show of the most awesome helmets of the Vancouver 2010 games. Look for the beaver helmet, lots of skeleton designs, a few heinous americana hockey helmets and a creepy ‘I’m watching you’ specimen.



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