I Almost Forgot: Apolo Ohno & the 500m Heats

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This probably isn’t news, but I feel bound to make a note even a full 24 hour lag behind. My humblest apologies, I got very sidetracked by the speedy ladies today and forgot the dudes. Yeah I said ‘dudes,’ what’re you gonna do about it?

Ohno pretty obviously owned his heat, taking the first of two qualifying positions. As an FYI for people who have not been paying attention, he is defending his Torino gold medal in the event. Surprisingly the event is not really considered one of his best because of its brevity and his tendency to lag towards the back at the start. So that’s that.

Two other Americans were in the event: Jordan Malone failed to advance; however, Simon Cho took the second qualifying position in his heat, just behind South Korean Lee Ho-Suk.

Ok we’re all caught up on short track. Good deal. 500m & 5000m relay finals tomorrow for the dudes, 1000m finals for the ladies. Be there. Done deal.


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