Scott Hamilton, We Missed You: Ladies Short Program

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Before we get down to the women’s figure skating short program, let’s just have a moment to love Scott Hamilton and his commentary and how happy we all were to hear his voice last night.

@KathElizW Glad Scott Hamilton has come back to me. #Olympics

@JohannaAP25 @KathElizW I missed Scott a lot. A lot. Ice dance was like a drought. #olympics

@Kmwrather Scott Hamilton was getting choked up over that

@KathElizW@kmwrather He gets so engrossed. I love it. The man has many emotions. (that being said, it was very moving).

This last tweet of course referring to the most emotional performance of the night, Joannie Rochette skating a personal best  to rank third despite her mother’s recent sudden death. As Rochette came onto the ice to thunderous applause, commentator Sandra said, “It’s like she’s found solace on the ice.” Scott only tried to comment once during the performance and as noted above it sounded like he was trying to hold back serious tears, and who wasn’t? Later in the evening a slightly more composed Scott declared, “The importance of this performance wasn’t the Olympics, it was life… [and] it means so much.”

After noting the triumphant significance of Rochette’s Olympic experience it will be difficult to regain the tone with which I prefer to imbue these posts, however with no disrespect–here we go:

Overall the most striking element of the evening? How difficult is it to pick a “nude” fabric that matches your own shade of nude? It was a sartorial massacre, despite otherwise passable-to-enjoyable costuming. And the nudes were off across the field of competition, hence “massacre.” One example?

Rachael Flatt… why were your legs taupe when clearly your actually body is not? Distracting. The photos don’t even to justice to the skin tone discrepancies that flashed across the screen last night. Meanwhile, Dick Button says that her performance was like “sunshine coming down,” placing her into fourth place; good thing you don’t get judged on your tights.

Mirai Nagasu, the other American contender placed  sixth for the night with a seasonal best, showing “lots of moxie and lots of potential.” Oh Sandra,  way to step up your vocabulary due to the fierce competition brought by Scott! She’s right– girl’s got spunk, plus her spins are so beautiful and so fast that she ended the program with a slight bloody nose! Scott says her spins are among the best out there. So there.

The headliner of course was Kim Yu-Na of South Korea who is basically “the biggest superstar South Korea has ever seen.” She gave a world-record-breaking skate to the musical stylings of James Bond– a delight. She faced and conquered “her nemesis the triple flip” (thanks Scott) and delivered a program full of “strength and sensuality, with a little flirt thrown in there too” (Oh Sandra, you really are stepping it up)!

But seriously, the American ladies represented well last night, both placing into the top six, in prime position for the upcoming free skate. And aside from the non-nude nude issues and the propensity of the ladies to insist on wearing tights stretched over their boots… my eyes were not terribly scarred. Have I simply become immune to figure skating fashion faux pas as a result of overexposure during the past two weeks?! Something to ponder.

One last gem from each commentator? You’re welcome:

“She’s someone who can be spectacular, or who can implode.” ~Sandra on Miki Ando of Japan
“Let’s rock the house!” ~Scott regarding Rachael Flatt’s attitude



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