Commentators Abound & Random Magical Moments

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I am really going to miss noting the things Olympic commentators say. I shudder at the thought but am forced to confront this question: Will I be reduced to watching non-obscure sports just for the quips? Weird.

Spoken during the Aksel Lund Svindal’s second giant slalom run: “He lost one ski!”

Way to misrepresent the situation. I looked up expecting to see Svindal in the midst of a crash, or better yet, finishing the last few gates of his run suavely on one foot. But no, not the case. What the commentator meant to say is that Aksel lost his balance for a moment and lifted one foot/ski off the ground briefly. Not the same. Not at all, he ended up taking the bronze.

Other special moments included a team pile-up just across the finish line at the men’s Nordic combined team event. The Austrians tackled each other to the ground to celebrate their gold medal win.

The American team came in for a triumphant silver, the second Nordic medal for Team USA.

As for the lady skiers, the day belonged to ski cross in which Marion Josserand of France took the bronze. Why do I mention her? The women were skiing through growing blizzard conditions making visibility–even as a home spectator– pretty rough business… except when it came to spotting Josserand who wears the hands-down most blindingly hot pink helmet I have ever seen. My retina hurt.


And lastly, Mary Carillo had a late night interview with American ice dance silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White. What did we learn? Mainly that Davis looks almost like a real person when she is not covered in pounds of  stage make-up for her skating events. She still looks a little Disney princess-like, but markedly less so. I was impressed, and a little relieved.


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