Two Slices of Crazy

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Of course women’s short track got pushed to the end of the night on Saturday, and we had a little incident in the apartment.

First, congrats to Katherine Reutter who made an Apolo-like pass during her 1500m qualifier and then came in fourth in her semifinal. Cut to commercial, I leave the living room for moments, come back for the next heat and what do I find? I think my tweet sums it up:

@JohannaAP25 “You switched to notting hill, you slut.” Molly switches to a channel NOT the women’s short track semi finals whilst I am in the bathroom.


Molly: I have been watching a lot of olympics lately and just needed a break… And short track is only my 8th fave Olympic sport.

Johanna: You have them ranked?

Molly: No I just made that up, but it’s somewhere near there.



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