Questions About Luge, Answered

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Since I chose to feature doubles luge as my banner photo for the first third of the games, and then drew further notice to the situation with Oh You Lugers, I’ve received a few questions regarding the sport. Here are a few answers:

Q: Does women’s luge exist?
A: Yes. The four runs took place on February 15th and 16th, the fourth and fifth days of the Vancouver 2010 games.

Q: Did those events air on NBC?
A: Yes. Runs 1 and 2 were relegated to late night coverage the morning of February 16th. It appears that a touch of runs 3 and 4 were set to be aired during late night coverage the morning of February 17th. I regret to inform you that I missed all of ladies luge due to the scheduling decisions made at NBC. Pretty sure most Americans missed it.

Q: Is there women’s double luge?
A: No there is not. No. There. Is. Not. Ponderous.

Q: Are there any single sex winter Olympic sports?
A: Yes, in addition to doubles luge, the four-man bobsled is just that, a men-only event. While there is a women’s bobsled field, women only compete in the two-person style, whereas men may compete in the double and the four-man. Furthermore the Vancouver games feature men-only Nordic combined events; there was a huge to-do about the women’s event, a quick Google search bears plenty of fodder on the topic. The ski jumps events are also a boys club.


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