Lock & Load Lena

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nbcolympics.com/ Reuters

Magdalena Neuner, my favorite German skied and shot her way to a third overall and second Olympic gold of the Vancouver 2010 games. NBC didn’t air the 12.5km women’s mass start biathlon until late night coverage, but it’s OK– I stayed up to get the scoop for you.

Recap: After two penalty laps borne of shooting range misses earlier in the race, Neuner pulled it out, unexpectedly shot clean at the last upright range (not her strength) and quickly made up 7 seconds immediately afterwards. By the end of the race she had made up about 15 seconds, quite a feat: “She is absolutely ripping it out on this uphill!” Neuner ran away with the gold by a [whole] 5.5sec, leaving Russian Olga Zaitseva and fellow German Simone Hauswald to fight it out for silver and bronze respectively.


And after all that, Neuner basically looks fresh as a daisy coming across the finish line with a big smile. Damn.

Oh and she’s an accomplished knitter. She blogs about it. So who reads German here?

PS> Wall Street Journal article on Lena & German biathlon.


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