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This past week saw Stephen Colbert fall a little in love with Canada. Yes, the same people he once called ice-holes are impossible not to love (I beg to differ vis-à-vis Canadian roommate Greg); it looks like they love him too. In an interview with Bob Costas closing out his time in Vancouver, Colbert declared “the Canadians are uninsultable at this moment!” Affable, easy-going folk, those Canadians. He proceeds with a Dudley Do-Right impression, “Nell! Oh my sweet Nell!” Oh yeah, he’s wearing full-on Mountie regalia. Puffy pants and all. Points for people who got my title reference.

What can we look forward to next week on the Colbert Report? Colbert was in Vancouver this past week shooting his show on an outdoor set and engaging in all manner of shenanigans at NBC where he was adopted for the week, thus granting him the right to broadcast. This is in addition to his position on the US speed skating team as assistant sports psychologist, likely allowing Colbert all manner of opportunities to “help” (read irritate) Shani Davis. I’m glad he’s not psychologizing me!

Magical moments? Colbert somehow procured a stuffed moose which he named ‘Ebersol,’ after NBC Universal Sports chairman Dick Ebersol. The moose was featured on his outdoor set where somehow Bob Costas was convinced to climb aboard, inspiring Canada’s latest touristic tagline: “Come to Canada! Ride a Moose!”

It’s gonna be big.

As a farewell gesture, the NBC interview set has adopted Ebersol, and renamed him ‘Colbert.’ Costas also got Colbert to return a favor and hop on the moose himself. And then they left him there.



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10 responses to “Stephen So-Right

  1. Just came across your blog while searching for all things Colbert and speedskating (I’m helping US Speedskating with their social media). Thanks for covering Stephen’s time in Vancouver. The interview with Bob Costas was hilarious; I can’t wait to see when Colbert interviewed Costas. Fun to read your recap!

  2. canada411

    I am a proud Canadian ice-hole indeed.

  3. canada411

    your blog is canadaphobic. You should work on that.

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  5. Thanks for the absorbing read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

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