Things Scott Hamilton Says: Men’s Free Skate

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Again, I really must chide people who missed the men’s free skate last night (never mind the other events which we will get to later), because it was truly magnificent. Furthermore, it was a nail biter to the end. Beautiful skating and fierce competition! Perfection.

For starters, let’s congratulate Jeremy Abbott for persevering and managing to overcome himself after a sketchy start to his free skate. Let’s face it, we like Abbott a lot even though this was not his Olympics. After two flubbed jump jumps Abbott pulled himself together and stuck on, prompting an ever supportive Scott Hamilton to exclaim, “He fought for that!” And as Abbott pushed through the rest of an enjoyable program, it appeared as Scott said: “as though he is waking up from this nightmare.”

I too was surprised that Scott did not use the up and coming phrase “nightmare covered in molasses” too. Meeeee too. Clearly Scott was feeling friendly: “I’m proud of him. I thought that was a great effort.” I concur.

Johnny Weir also garnered a warm reception from the crowd and the commentators, even provoking commentators to question whether he had been short-changed by the judges. He calls the program “Fallen Angel,” which represents the way he has felt about his career since disappointment at the Torino games in 2006. It was divoon. He ended up in sixth place, and really it does seem that he deserved a touch better. Of course he rocked another delightful costume. The thing about Weir is that his costumes are not actually as out of control as one might think they would be; often they are no more ridiculous than any other on the ice. The truth about Weir’s costumes is that are artistically executed and fully integrated into his program which is a gesamtkunstwerke of art. Just sayin’. To top off his performance, a fan presented Weir with a bodacious crown of enormous roses.

Hamilton’s thoughts? “And that is the best he’s ever been, ever!

And Tom Hammond: “He skated his life out here in Vancouver and did it as always on his own terms.”

Back to Hamilton, for the sassiest sum up of Johnny Weir:  “When you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk ,and he just skated that skate!”

I know. I wonder if there is a job available where you just get to hang out with Scott Hamilton and preserve all the magical things he says for posterity. I want that job.

Of course the man to chase for the gold was Evgeni Plushenko of Russia, a man who clearly styles himself as a prince of darkness. He skated well… but not well enough. Also his program was so creepy and made me SO uncomfortable that I could barely watch at times. There was gyrating, swiveling, blowing of kisses, stroking of self… ew, ew, ew! Plus he was wearing a black unitard with an appliquéd sequin vest and tie, just to top it off in terms of things that are unacceptable. At one point he landed a wonky jump and Scott Hamilton illuminated our lives yet again: “A little scary! This guy’s a cat, I don’t know how he landed that!” And villanous cat, like the Siameses from Lady and the Tramp, only a lot scarier. Reerrrrr!

@kmwrather NO HIP SWIVELS ALLOWED. At least not from you, Plushenko. #OYlmpics

Kathleen: I am sooooo creeeped out. I want to see Scott’s face.

I’ll give him one thing, he wins for least sportsman like response to his silver medal.

It’s always nice to have a clearly defined villain to beat out, right? Sure in today’s  interview during afternoon Olympic coverage on NBC Evan Lysacek defended Plushenko as being a nice guy, probably due to the fact that he is a nice guy. Also, he won… spectacularly, with “the skate of his life,” as put by Tom Hammond.

The spirit of the performance was summed up early by Scott Hamilton who exclaimed, “HAW” upon the first perfectly landed combination. Once it was over, Hamilton decided to elaborate with a jubilant, “technically, he did everything he came to do!” Too true, too true. Plus, Lysacek skated long before Plushenko, so he just skated his perfect Olympic moment without even knowing the performance that he would have to beat: “I dreamed about having the moment on the ice at the Olympic games… everything I dreamed it could have been,” and then the wait whilst basking in a “personal victory” no matter what the final outcome. There was a lot of gushy tweeting. No apologies.

JohannaAP25 @kmwrather OH MY GOD I KNOW, EW/ YAYAYAYAYAYA EVAN!!!!! #olympics

Celebrity tweet? I think so: ApoloOhno RE: he smashed it tonight!! Congrats Evan!

JohannaAP25 Hey hey @kmwrather… two #Chicago gold medals… sayin’. #olympics

kmwrather @JohannaAP25 I know! Shani and Evan, way to rep!

Oh yeah, for those of you who aren’t the informed types Shani Davis has also taken home a gold for long track speed skating.

Whew. Sigh of relief. Even reliving the night to recap was stressful. You should have been there. Also, I should have been there, but that’s another story completely… How did I not foresee my unemployedness?

With Evan what he did, what he did last night was really representative of what he does every day… He skated beautifully, he did everything he needed to do… just do what you do best and that is from start to finish a beautiful program… There was no one more prepared for that moment than Evan Lysacek. ~Scott Hamilton



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5 responses to “Things Scott Hamilton Says: Men’s Free Skate

  1. Molly

    UMMMM Plushenko did not have a “sportsman like response to his silver medal.” Were we watching different channels?

  2. If I had the power to make you Scott Hamilton’s personal dictator/secretary/scribe, I would.

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