Shaun White… You’re So Funny–You Tomato, You!

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Sometimes there are just things that need to be recounted. When you watch a lot of Olympian television a lot of those things pertain either to Scott Hamilton, duh, or Shaun White. They both say the darn’dest things with the darn’dest tone. It’s great.

This one is for redhead loving ladies, from an interview segment that aired on Extra yesterday evening: “I haven’t had time to do the whole dating thing. I’m so confused. Help me out!” Surely 100% accurate. Surely.

And that second run down the half-pipe? He confirmed to Bob Costas (oh Bob), that it was “both the savvy and the saucy thing to do.” Those are two words that I am in support always of using more frequently. Please, let us all make a team Words to Bumble effort. I want to see a trending topic “savvy & saucy.” Let’s do it.

Regarding rumors that White is hoping to get an invite to the Obama White House? True. Bob invited him to give a personal plea on the air, so Shaun goes, “Yo, Obama…”

He then proceeds to talk about how he met Biden and that Biden is a cool guy.

And finally, let’s all revel in our favorite Shaun White moment. You know what I’m talking about: Shaun doing a mean air guitar to the national anthem at the half-pipe medal ceremony. Really? Oh yeah. Really.

If you check out the official NBC video you can only see the air guitar from behind, right around 4:37-42ish, which is weird because on-air they showed the frontal shot and it was hilarious. Oh snowboarders…

Oh and he’s over being called the ‘Flying Tomato;’ he now prefers ‘Animal.’ Like the Muppets character. Uh huh.



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