Tiara Loving Ladies of the World, Mancuso!

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Of course news broke long before NBC prime time coverage of the Women’s Alpine Downhill that favorite Lindsey Vonn took the gold, despite a brutal shin injury.

Meanwhile Visa has been running those fantastic Morgan Freeman-narrated Olympic commercials, one of which features a lady skier named Julia Mancuso who as a kid  at age twelve drew a poster of herself as a gold medalist to hang in her room and after Torino… “She doesn’t have to draw her own posters anymore.” You know what, I’ll be honest. I tear up almost every time that I allow myself to engage with that ad, sometimes even when I don’t allow myself…


So who is Julia Mancuso? Well turns out she’s one of the other women (clearly) on the American women’s Alpine team who has been overshadowed by the Vonn drama. She’s had a somewhat lackluster past two years, due to various ailments including back and hip injuries… and she just won the silver medal right behind Vonn, très unexpectedly.

AND she wears a tiara. I myself have a marked penchant for a nice tiara. Apparently back in the day her coach gave her one for good luck, which she wore somehow fastened to her ski helmet.


At some point the aqua helmet that she rocked yesterday was specially designed with a tiara graphic traced in place across her forehead. It’s pretty awesome. Also her goggles have a sparkly aqua elastic and the lens is pink. Furthermore, she still has that original tiara and wore it at the bottom of the slope after her run and kept it on for the medal ceremony. She is now the most decorated female American Olympian in Alpine skiing with three medals.

My immediate thoughts at the time?

JohannaAP25 Julia Mancuso rock that tiara! ROCK IT.

She also has a line of lingerie, called “Kiss My Tiara.” Featured items on her website are all shiny and aqua. I’m loving it.

PS: The stiff, awkward and fully mic’d and filmed first interactions between Lindsey Vonn and her husband after the race were so awkward that I almost died. And it went on forever and then it kept getting replayed. Very uncomfortable. You just want to be happy for Lindsey Vonn overcoming and all and then BAM it just gets so awkward that you almost run out of the room to hide. Not cool NBC. Not cool.



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