Olympic Haikus

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Today Gawker ran a “news haiku” contest, which inspired me to write a series of haikus on the Olympics, obviously. The first one below was one of the featured entries selected by Jim Behrle who was making the selections. It prompted him to comment: “@WordsToBumble we will have to do a whole day of poems just about curling.”

Sounds like a solid plan to me.

Curling’s cool at first
And then it gets confusing
Where is speed skating?

Curling stones slide, glide
Commentators talk twitter?
Not helpful, I’m lost.

If I had clap skates
I would surely break my neck
Love that speed skating.

Biathlon, ski, shoot
Oh Magdalena Neuner
Shooting so flawless

Now it turns out that the above statement is a lie, but at the time that I wrote it (just after the first found of shooting in today’s women’s biathlon pursuit) it was true. And she medalled gold anyways and it was awesome. Everyone should always be watching biathlon.

Apolo Ohno also has a great name for being in a haiku, like if my name was Johann instead of Johanna, curse that extra syllable. Or if my name was Johannana, then I could be the middle line like Magdalena. I’ve been upset about this for a while.


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