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So the first short track speed skating men’s event was on Saturday, and if you missed it then you might as well pack it up, get into bed and start crying. Or you could always a) watch the endless recaps or b) catch it online; however, I prefer to encourage dramatic responses.

The medal race was awesome, the South Koreans were about to sweep, Ohno was failing to make his signature awesome last-minute pass. SPOILER (days later), the two guys in second and third wiped each other out, très dramatique. And then Ohno and other US skater Celski medalled with silver and bronze instead.

This is not the point. The point is that NBC ran a feature on Ohno maybe 4,000 over the course of their Saturday programing and in the days since has only slightly tweaked it to make people think that perhaps they are not watching the same segment over and over.

A) They show a lot of Dancing with the Stars footage, which is hilarious.

B) They show Ohno training via methods that literally make me want to die of exhaustion, like, “Oh, OK, so now I’m going to just run up this cliff. Not a big deal.”

C) Towards the end the best thing ever happens. Ohno is talking about getting recognized in an airport for having been on Dancing with the Stars and some guy complimenting him on his mad dancing skills, an event summed up thusly: “Hey, you’re that guy from Dancing with the Stars! You’re a really good dancer.” “Thanks… Do you watch the Olympics?!” I die. I hope they show it again Wednesday for his second event.

David and I literally reenacted that moment over and over and over on the way home from an Olympics gathering on Saturday. Maybe you had to be there. That might be true.

Also, please don’t let this post make you think that I don’t love speed skating or taint my pure adoration of the Olympics. I wouldn’t want that… did you see my photo page?




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