Off the cuff, something HAD to be said about Ringo & Jimmy, immediately

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So Ringo Starr probably shouldn’t still be singing. This is probably true.

Truly though, who cares? The man is almost 70 and he’s still rocking out. And he’s Ringo. And he’s quite entertaining. I fully intend on tracking down the interview online to re-watch and re-ponder. And then I will share my thoughts once again with you, because I know that you really care.

As I type, he is dancing about on stage waving drumsticks and drumming a touch to his side whilst standing at the mic. How is that not fantastic? In the interview portion he discussed Beatles Rockband and how he is “crap at it.”

My favorite is Jimmy’s blatant man crush on Ringo and how nervous he clearly is and how he is struggling to function and saying “oh very good, well done” when Ringo finishes a song. Also LOVING Jimmy providing  backup for “A Little Help From My Friends,” which Ringo can still actually sing for the most part.

And really, who would actually be able to function any better? It’s like real life Beatles Rockband. I would dissolve into either giggles or tears. Or I would die. Very few things, people or entities make me gush. You should know.

I have never thought to be jealous of Jimmy Fallon. I am so jealous. I’ve never even watched his show before, but when twitter told me that Ringo was on… I once again thanked the cosmic twittersphere for alerting me to life altering news.  Tomorrow I will have to troll the streets of Manhattan looking for Ringo. First stop: Yura. Then I will return home exhausted and watch him on The Daily Show. It’s a win-win situation.

I predict that very soon I will get to that mentally noted post about my feelings on The Beatles. Soon.


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