Another Day with No Hot Water & Some A Cappella in the Night

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So two days ago they were doing work in my building and I suspected right off the bat that we would be lacking in the hot water department, shockingly we had both heat and hot water all day. I was pleasantly surprised.

So yesterday of course, the hot water was out. Nothing but air came forth from the pipes. No water at all would flow into my bathtub. Not even cold.  I had lunch plans.

Cut to me heating a pot of water on the stove to wash my hair, leaning over the tub with a coffee mug as a scoop. Apparently Time Out New York recently ran a bit on bathing like Laura Ingalls (tried to find link, failed):

Molly:  Haha, there was a funny thing in time out about washing your hair “laura ingalls wilder style” when the hot water is out.

Me:  Sigh. Yesterday was so sad. Trying not to have a repeat. However, I used to want to be Laura Ingalls. I love those books. I might be boiling water for a bath when you get home. Cause I am a pioneer girl in a tenement. I should have moved west and gotten a homestead, then at least I would have land… maybe a pony.


So after washing my hair like a pioneer woman, what was left to do but go see some college a cappella in midtown? Nothing. There was nothing left to do. It was like a mandate form the cosmos. One of Molly’s high school friends is in the Wash U Stereotypes who have been touring about the east and had a concert yesterday evening. There were snacks, there was wine, there was live entertainment. Win.

Seriously though, I hadn’t been to an a cappella concert since college. Since early-ish in college actually. It was quite enjoyable. A few key picks from the evening “Seize the Day” (yes, from Newsies, making Brigitte extraordinarily happy), “Jai Ho,” and a very entertaining rendition of “Lady Marmalade,” and to clarify, yes it is an all male group.

It was a full day all around.


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