Take Your Moose and Shove It.

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So a while back a I applied for a job in Manchester, New Hampshire. By “a while back,” I mean October 27th. They emailed me back this past Friday (January 8 ) to say that after a lot of time and consideration and not interviewing me, that they have decided to go with someone much more qualified than myself because the current state of the economy allows them to hire the creamiest cream of the crop and to make recently graduated graduate students hate their lives and their degrees.

Yeah? Well you know what… bite me. Who wants to move to New Hampshire ANYWAYS? I don’t have a pet moose, I don’t want a pet moose and I certainly don’t care for New England winters. I’ve had five in my lifetime, and I think that was enough. I fell on the ice and bruised my entire back purple more than once. I don’t need you or your wildlife.

You may have noticed a lot of the feelings and disdain normally reserved for Maine have been transfered to New Hampshire for the moment. And so they have. My one friend from Maine can rest easy tonight.

I’m so going to find a great administrative temp job In New York, like a dream come true.


No I’m not.


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