Bear & the Best Ideas

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I have all my best thoughts when I am walking about. Of course they’re not even remotely related to where I am or my destination, I just tend to go down the mental path to ideadom when I’m in transit. Obviously, I can never remember my supposed brilliance by the time sit down to write. It’s upsetting.

This is the proof.

As a sidenote, part of my goal for what may be my last month in New York is to post an entry at least five times a week, ideally more like seven, but let’s be real. And just for Kathleen I am working on eliminating commas.

One more note, for practical purposes: If you don’t watch Man vs. Wild then your life is vastly incomplete. I was at a stand-up show recently where one of the comics brought up Bear Grylls and I was so happy. No else seemed that excited and then he went on to explain that only white dudes watch the show… OBviously not. Obviously it is me and everyone that has ever been forced to live with me and discovered the magic.  All the same it was awkward that I was so exited about the reference and so tremendously entertained by the bit… unlike the rest of the audience. Dude, whoever you were– I appreciated it.  It made me miss Amy.

Amy, you should be reading this.

PS: NOT looking forward to the enema episode though.


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